Friday, February 4, 2011

What if we were in Utopia?

Would we know it? Can Utopia only be seen from the outside?

Quotes boingboing, from a 1935 issue of Popular Mechanics:
Imagine, if you can, the delight of the woman who steps into her "ready made" house and finds the kitchen already equipped with electric refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, electric or gas stove, built-in clock, abundant cupboard space--and even a two-day supply of groceries on the shelves. And she never will be bothered by cooking odors because an electric exhaust quickly removes smoke, dust and fumes from the kitchen. In addition to the windows, indirect lighting gives plenty of illumination for her work in the compactly designed room.
In the bathroom, this same housewife will find bathtub complete with shower and anti-splash curtain, the large basin that also may serve as the baby's bathtub, triple adjustable mirrors for her husband's morning shave and an extra electric heater for warming up the room quickly. The conditioned air issues from grills set into the wall near the floor and a built-in clock tells the "man of the house" just how long he has before his train or street car comes along.
 But forget trains or street cars -- now we all have cars, with radios that play Mozart in the morning. But, as a reminder that even Utopia still has flaws, there are the "walls of asbestos-cement".

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