Thursday, December 2, 2010

What this is about

Some themes:
    • Utopia, of course
      • Which includes Dystopia
      • and which includes all other bullet points
      • and contains an inherent ambiguity:
        • on the one hand, the impossibility of utopia and the folly/evil of utopian attempts
        • on the other, the Nozick/Rand utopia
        • and on the third hand, the imaginative reach for a New People (see Cherneyshevsky, Gibson's "Blue Ant" trilogy, even possibly Pynchon, and see the Inversion theme below)
      • Conspiracy -- the concept, as distinct from the plot (see Art-narrative below)
          • The inversion and its consequences
            • Epistemological ontology -- this is the central idea (if Utopia stands for the encompassing idea, this is the core): that what is is determined by what's known, not the other way around (and "what's known" is determined by what works -- i.e., a relational as opposed to a representational epistemology)
            • "Inversion" describes the switch from let's say a "realist" ontology to the epistemological ontology noted above -- that is, from reality being something out there that we can only painstakingly discover to reality being, literally, right before our eyes (and nose, and ears, and touch, etc.)
          • Art
            • and religion
            • and Utopia
            • and narrative
              • Elementory
              • Conspiracy as plot (see below)
                • The plot, as distinct from the concept (see above)
                • the notion of "revelation" 
                  • as distinct from "epiphany" -- i.e., it's exogenous
                  • also as distinct from "solution" (of a mystery) -- this is a change in your understanding of the world
                • A multipart series (say, 5) -- larger revelations at the climax of each?
              • Space fiction
              • 3000 AD (the 1000-year future)
              • The Utopia Project itself
            • architecture/urban design/planning
            • The game
              • of Utopia
              • board/screen design
                • layers
                • fractal depth
              • and the social network
                • avatars
            • Space colonization
              • and utopia
              • Getting off the planet
              • the moon
              • Mars
              • Open space
              • Commercializing space

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